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Betty Jo Schuler writes at her central Florida home, where she collects glass paperweights and what her grown kids call "Betty Jo-isms—sayings you have to think about twice. One she likes about writing is "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got."

"I suppose that's why I write in several genres," she says. "I like trying something different." And she must, since her twenty-two published books run the gamut from those for children to teens and on to adults. Mystery, romance, family...she likse dabbling in different genres but always with a dose of humor. "I love making people smile or laugh," Betty Jo says, "and I am a fan of happy endings with character growth as part of that. 'Show, don't tell' is vital in bringing fiction to life."

However, she's taken time off from her own writing to teach online writing classes and editing young adult books for Writers' Digest University. It's a pleasure to help new writers, but now…Betty Jo Schuler is back doing what she loves most, putting her own words on paper and is thrilled to offer her new release, appropriately enough a novel for teens and pre-teens:

Take My Family, Please Isn't every teen embarrassed by their family at some time? Lacy Gingham invented the ideal family and life she'd always wanted instead of the pervo group she was born into, and a week later, Rik who's to die for, shows up in her hometown looking for her. Unless she goes underground, she'll have to give it up and expose him to the Ginghams. Ha! Lacy's family members are middle class eccentrics and Erik Vanderhorst's are staid upper crust. Read "ersatz" opposite "snooty" and add that Lacy and Rik come together under false pretenses, and these two are in for a bumpy ride.


New release

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